Saturday, 22 November 2014

Chrome crash on the new Android Lollipop

Hello readers,

It's not even been a few days that people have received the fresh taste of the Lollipop.

However, when a new os is launched in a hurry, this is what happens.
Chrome crashes without reasons and doesn't give any option to report the bug. Unfair #google ! :)

Try searching for a few images on the google and keep scrolling down, you will experience the same.

High tym a small update to fix these kind of issues would really help the users get the smoothness and reliable os.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Android Lollipop - call it a bug or a negative point

After waiting on Android Lollipop OTA, didn't have to think twice before updating it as the wait was for about 6 months!

But OMFFFG! The stock gallery app is taken off! Its just not there anymore.

If you remember, when google introduced google plus, the next thing they came up with the kitkat release were the shitloads of updates with google plus. And with that came the photos app that shows you only those pics which are in sync with your gmail id.

That useless peace of trash has become your custom gallery app now. And mind you, it's still the bad UI with no additions, views or changes to it.

So today when i took a acreenshot of the new battery saver feature and wrote my earlier post about it, i couldn't upload it on my post as it won't show on my device while uploading! #bug #androidlollipop #lollipop

Now i had to go and understand the new sync feature changes which were not at all user friendly! Atlast i had to go sync all the pics all over again to make it show here on the google blogger's uploading picture option while writing the post!
#disgrace #shame #lollipop #negative 

Android lollipop - amazing battery saver and stats

I own a nexus 5 personally and I'm already proud to be one of the first ones to receive the OTA update of Android 5.0 in my office!! Hurrah!
As you know they came up with a lot of changes to the design here and there but one of the few new additions to the stock rom is the new battery saver.
It pretty much kills all the apps that keep running on the back end and keep consuming gps, internet data, etc and also the brightness gets decreased to a great extent but still giving a proper view. The top amd bottom bars become orange.... Bright orange.

See the image below -

Another great improvement is the new option in the settings for the battery. It has a new option to view full usage since last charge that kind of gives you a great idea on what you've been doing all day with your phone and I believe this is the first time answer to our common question " where does the battery go?"
A gamer like me could never make out or care to expect a phone give a lot of battery life but even we can get a good amount of idea on what can actually be done to save it more. Ofcourse anything to increase your sweet gadget's battery life!
Kudos to the Lollipop development team to give this feature atlast with the stock android !

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Android Lollipop released - But when would the nexus users get the OTA?

Everyone knows about the most awaited biggest release of the new android os - Android Lollipop!

Posts are circulating to talk about the current devices that should receive it, rumours, best features and bla bla!

The real question is when would the nexus users receive it! Specially when you are using Nexus 5  (like i do) which is supposed to be the latest one next to the newly released Nexus 6 ( well ofcourse not talking about those giant tablets which came later coz for god sakes they are not phones!).
The roll out system of Google is something everyone is aware of, but they should start specifying the country names with the specific timeframes! That too now!

Yea you have probably wasted your time reading this post if you were thinking you'll get to know when you'll receive it on your device.
I'm personally frustrated just like you and trust me, a gadget and android freak feels equally curious and restless by now....especially when you know what you have been waiting for is already out and still no clarity on when you gonna get it! :)

I'll keep posting more updates as soon as i get some really good news. As for the indian nexus 5 users, we really need to ask google to get us on some priority! After all nexus 5 was a huge hit in here, don't ya think?

Above is the link to get the factory image on your Nexus 5 if you can't wait.