Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 Best Hair Products for Men 2015 - Matte Effect (Best Hair Styling Product Review, Frizzy Hair, Oily Hair, etc. )

1) Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge -

Spiky Edge is the hardest wax of the MOVING RUBBER series. Its excellent holding power keeps hair spiked and in place so you can move through your day with effortless style. Spiky Edge is designed to enhance movement even in short hair.
Recommended for very short to short hair. Spiky Edge is the hardest wax of the MOVING RUBBER series. Its excellent holding power keeps hair spiked so you can move through your day with effortless style. Spiky Edge is designed to enhance movement even in short hair.
Create your own Spiky Style and enhance your look of strength while exuding manliness. 
Nothing says power like a high Mohawk. Create this look by applying Spiky Edge onto ends of hair and pulling hair in an upwards movement forming a straight line from forehead to the nape of the neck. Pull hair upwards in a sweeping motion by interlacing the fingers of both hands. #Gatsby #GatsbySpikyEdge

For hands on reviwe and try on video, watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSzHFkbAOMg

2) Wella Professionals Bold Move Stlying Matte Paste - 
My personal all time favourite, this paste is specially for a regular good hold and goes away in one wash but still gives you a texturising matte effect and you can go ahead and style your hair all the time throughout the day, but still the effect won't go. It smells amazing and is not bad for the hair at all as I've personally used this for like 6 months after my salon guy recommended it to me. #WellaProfessionals #Wella

3) Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matt Surfer Look Matt Paste -

I've personally been using this since a month now and the effects are really good on my medium length hair for the pompadour look as well as the slick back look. Yes, these kind of styles as well look great when you use the got2b beach matt surfer matte paste. It is a bit strong and doesn't go away with a single wash but it stays for the whole day and after you try this on your damp hair, few hours later it will give you a better texture and matte effect.
For a good review and try on video please watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5_pcDL4iYM

4) Schwarzkopf Osis Mess Up Matt Gum Gamme Matifiante -

This one surely had to be on my list no matter it's quite similar to the one i've mentioned above. Osis mess up matt gum is what you need if you're looking for a hard hold and a matte effect paste/gum. It definitely holds on for a long time and doesn't go away with even two washes but it's not bad for the hair. I've been using it since 3 months now and I still keep it for special days when I need a hard hold. #Schwarzkopf

5) Muk - Hard Muk Styling Mud -  
Being in India, we rarely get our hands on with such awesome available hair products worldwide.
Once I got a hair cut for the pompadour look with my salon expert and he forced me to let him apply this over my hair, and voila! it was amazing!
It's a bit greasy feeling when you retexture or revamp your hair again and again so it gets easy to change hair styles during the day. But it gives an amazing matte effect and a great strong  hold.
You have to and have to try this one! I believe it's one of the most famous hair products in Australia. #Australia #haircare #Muk

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

IOS 9.0 update failed for me - Apple says keep patience

Quite funny to be waiting for the whole day and coincidentially my room mate said that the iphone ios 9.0 update will error out and it actually did! I'm frustrated but still patient enough. already found apple's tweet that says due to the overwhelming high number of users downloading the update it will take a bit patience but it will work. 

Here is the error image - 

IOS 9.0 full feature list - it's here!

IOS 9 countdown begins - this time it's fully amazing!

Guys! It's there any moment on its way and it will be on your phones. The iphones to be more precise. 

10.30pm IST and 10am PST is the given time for its official release world wide.

Stay tuned for the feature updates.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Apple ios 8.4 shortest review - should you upgrade or not?

There is clearly not much to say for proving the fact that there is only one con to this ios update - worst music app UI ever. #applemusic

The older one was clearly very user friendly and this one is more or less centric to monetizing.
Accessing playlists is not at all easy anymore.

Other apps are functioning the same so far and there is not much improvement with the battery or performance. 

If you are into androids, it's completely a copy of any basic android music app. 

Don't go for it without having a look at your friend's updated apple phone, is all that I'm saying. ;) @androidcentral @techcrunch @applemusic @itunes @iphone6 @androidgeek

Apple's new music application with ios 8.4 - Hate the new look?

Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since I wrote a post so apologies if I go wrong here and there.

Getting to the point, I hate the way Apple's new music application looks like. The old UI feel and look was very genuinely simple and easy for anyone to use and understand. They seem to have messed up with a lot of important aspects of a music application - for the first time ever! And I'm personally hating it more and more everyday. And I just keep waiting that one new update comes up and they get it back to how it looked like earlier. (Apparently didn't happen with 8.4.1 ios update) lol.

Image 1 - Look at the image above. How sweet and simple the app used to be.

Image 2 - Look what they did to my most beloved app above! I mean seriously do I need this big sudden change where things don't get simple for me but harder as F$#k?

Yes of course this is my personal opinion about it and I believe many love it as I've read some posts on it where people mention that there are millions of daily viewers and users on the application.
I mean dude! we've already got a bunch of applications to let us register either paid or free and let us listen to songs online when and wherever required. Alright Alright just do the addition to the app but at least keep the feel and the same look! Retain the UI for which Apple became famous and most important - the ease of use!
I know I keep repeating the same lines but that's how frustrated I am and I'm sure there are millions like me who hate the way it looks.

Top of the most, Choose a plan part where monetization is all that matter. As it is, Apple was already one of the most unaffordable smart phones to the commeners and here is a not required addition to the music app  below -

Yes I can be wrong, lets assume I'm already wrong and you don't like me being a critic about it but hey! I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.
Moral of my post today is that they should get it back to the way it was supposed to be. And I don't care a sh*$ about what else they change!