Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Android Lollipop released - But when would the nexus users get the OTA?

Everyone knows about the most awaited biggest release of the new android os - Android Lollipop!

Posts are circulating to talk about the current devices that should receive it, rumours, best features and bla bla!

The real question is when would the nexus users receive it! Specially when you are using Nexus 5  (like i do) which is supposed to be the latest one next to the newly released Nexus 6 ( well ofcourse not talking about those giant tablets which came later coz for god sakes they are not phones!).
The roll out system of Google is something everyone is aware of, but they should start specifying the country names with the specific timeframes! That too now!

Yea you have probably wasted your time reading this post if you were thinking you'll get to know when you'll receive it on your device.
I'm personally frustrated just like you and trust me, a gadget and android freak feels equally curious and restless by now....especially when you know what you have been waiting for is already out and still no clarity on when you gonna get it! :)

I'll keep posting more updates as soon as i get some really good news. As for the indian nexus 5 users, we really need to ask google to get us on some priority! After all nexus 5 was a huge hit in here, don't ya think?

Above is the link to get the factory image on your Nexus 5 if you can't wait.