Thursday, 13 November 2014

Android Lollipop - call it a bug or a negative point

After waiting on Android Lollipop OTA, didn't have to think twice before updating it as the wait was for about 6 months!

But OMFFFG! The stock gallery app is taken off! Its just not there anymore.

If you remember, when google introduced google plus, the next thing they came up with the kitkat release were the shitloads of updates with google plus. And with that came the photos app that shows you only those pics which are in sync with your gmail id.

That useless peace of trash has become your custom gallery app now. And mind you, it's still the bad UI with no additions, views or changes to it.

So today when i took a acreenshot of the new battery saver feature and wrote my earlier post about it, i couldn't upload it on my post as it won't show on my device while uploading! #bug #androidlollipop #lollipop

Now i had to go and understand the new sync feature changes which were not at all user friendly! Atlast i had to go sync all the pics all over again to make it show here on the google blogger's uploading picture option while writing the post!
#disgrace #shame #lollipop #negative