Thursday, 13 November 2014

Android lollipop - amazing battery saver and stats

I own a nexus 5 personally and I'm already proud to be one of the first ones to receive the OTA update of Android 5.0 in my office!! Hurrah!
As you know they came up with a lot of changes to the design here and there but one of the few new additions to the stock rom is the new battery saver.
It pretty much kills all the apps that keep running on the back end and keep consuming gps, internet data, etc and also the brightness gets decreased to a great extent but still giving a proper view. The top amd bottom bars become orange.... Bright orange.

See the image below -

Another great improvement is the new option in the settings for the battery. It has a new option to view full usage since last charge that kind of gives you a great idea on what you've been doing all day with your phone and I believe this is the first time answer to our common question " where does the battery go?"
A gamer like me could never make out or care to expect a phone give a lot of battery life but even we can get a good amount of idea on what can actually be done to save it more. Ofcourse anything to increase your sweet gadget's battery life!
Kudos to the Lollipop development team to give this feature atlast with the stock android !